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Meet Rev. DiAnna Ritola

I love the Japanese art of kintsugi: the “art of precious scars.”

Each piece reminds me that my life is richer and more interesting because of challenges I’ve faced, places where the polish rubbed away, and times I’ve repaired my broken and shattered heart and life with love and radical acceptance. Where the artist uses fine metal, like gold or platinum, I have used my own mettle and the kindness and wisdom of honored guides to sit with my pain and confusion and piece myself back together stronger and with greater awareness than I had before.

I have faced my own fires of destruction, of trauma and overwhelming pain. I know that claiming all the parts of myself and becoming aware of my own prismatic life, truly changed my ability to live with curiosity, joy, and integrity. 

I work and live with deep knowing that we are fully human and fully divine. Living in celebration of this embodied wholeness allows us to grow in ways we may never expect.

I chose this spiritual path, including ordination as an Interfaith Minister and Dianic Priestess, because I knew that even though I use therapeutic and coaching techniques such as CBT, EFT-Tapping, and other modalities to help my clients release shame and trauma, I also needed to engage my heart and soul, or the healing would only be skin deep. I wanted more, and I want that for you, too.


Safe Space

You cannot grow in complete safety with no challenges, but you cannot thrive in

chaos and uncertainty.

I create safe and flexible containers to facilitate your growth and development, offering encouragement and support while challenging you to unpack your baggage and move forward into the life you most want to live.



A few years back one of my clients used the term "wayward children" to describe the thoughts and physical sensations clamoring for attention...

Setting boundaries with my parents was the best thing I did for my mental health. I have no regrets.

Our lives are filled with opportunities for making meaningful connections between events and emotions. At heart, rituals are using those opportunities with intention.

What are the ways in which communities of faith embrace diversity? How can accepting others as they are be part of our faith?


If you ever feel that you are not "enough" or feel like you are constantly putting on a facade, Rev. DiAnna Ritola is here to assure you that you are not alone, and that in fact, this "baggage" we carry doesn't have to weigh us down.


"I appreciated DiAnna creating a safe place to explore thoughts, get non-judgmental feedback and support, and how she proposed various new concepts and ideas for consideration."

- Christine, Minneapolis, MN

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