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Call Your Facets Home

You are a unique and complex being.

Like a prism, you are meant to shine differently in various environments.

Maybe you’ve noticed some of your facets have become dull, unwelcome, or just don’t feel like you anymore.

It's time to clear away the dullness of habit, shine your brilliant light, and claim all the parts of you!



For nearly 20 years, I’ve championed living an embodied life in which we fully honor both our humanity and our divinity, living into our questions and reaching to our edges.


I’ve helped thousands of people reclaim the parts of themselves that have been cut off, ditch their shame, learn to ask for what they want, embrace their sexual desires, deepen their spiritual practice, integrate their fragmented pieces, and love themselves back into the power of embodied wholeness through workshops, counseling, and ceremonies.


I invite you to join me, and Call Your Facets Home.



There are myriad ways to confidently inhabit your own skin, honor all the different parts of yourself, and create thriving relationships. Together we can discover your own best path to creating the life you deserve.

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 Unlocking Trauma Patterns

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Unlocking Trauma Patterns

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Working with DiAnna was a pleasure for two reasons– what she offered me, and what she didn’t offer me. DiAnna is consistently upbeat and encouraging. She will nudge you toward your true path– I didn’t say “push” on purpose– she is not pushy. But what I found most refreshing about working with her is that you can tell her anything and she will greet it with interest and excitement, not judgment. She enjoys what she does and wants you to enjoy what you do.

BL, Greer, SC